Gourmet Jam & Nut Butter Gift Set

Make grown up PB&Js (like the ones you eat while drinking wine) with our best jams paired with, well, really good nut butter. This time, we've teamed up with Big Spoon Roasters. Three jams, three nut butters, and endless opportunities to make the sandwiches, cocktails, smoothies and oatmeal of your (or her) dreams.


Our fave pairings:

Strawberry Chipotle & Fig Jam x Hot Mamba Peanut Butter

Smoked Yellow Peach Jam x Peanut Butter with Wildflower Honey

Blackberry Mulled Merlot Jam x Chocolate Sea Salt Almond Butter


*Please note that our "spoonable" jams are very different from typical jams. We don't use pectin, thickeners, stabilizers or extra sugar to thicken our products (that's a good thing!). Therefore, the texture is less viscous than common brands. Keeping your jam refrigerated will make it thicker, and for baking applications, feel free to heat jam with a bit of cornstarch. Also, please consume within two to three weeks of opening as the jams do not contain preservatives and are, well, fresh!


Set includes three of our most popular flavors and three Big Spoon Roasters Nut Butters.


Strawberry Chipotle + Fig Smoked Yellow Peach / Blackberry Mulled Merlot

Vegan. No pectin. No preservatives. Refrigerate after opening. Size: 9 oz.


Chocolate Sea Salt Almond Butter with Wildflower Honey

Heirloom Mission Almonds, Organic Chocolate (Organic Cocoa Beans, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Vanilla Beans), Organic Cocoa Nibs, Raw Wildflower Honey, and Jacobsen Sea Salt. Size: 13 oz.


Hot Mamba Peanut Butter with Chiles & Sea Salt

Peanuts, Guajillo, Raw Organic Cane Sugar, Ancho & Habanero Chiles,  and Jacobsen Sea Salt. Size: 13 oz.


Peanut Butter with Wildflower Honey & Sea Salt

Peanuts, Raw Organic Wildflower Honey, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Jacobsen Sea Salt. Size: 13 oz.



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