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This coveted jam’s unique flavor lends itself to peak-season kiwis, crushed red peppers and tons of vanilla beans. Eat it right out of the jar with graham crackers or tortilla chips, or throw it on your burger, taco or hot dog like a relish.

*Please note that our "spoonable" jams are very different from typical jams. We don't use pectin, thickeners, stabilizers or extra sugar to thicken our products (that's a good thing!). Therefore, the texture is less viscous than common brands. Keeping your jam refrigerated will make it thicker, and for baking applications, feel free to heat jam with a bit of cornstarch. Also, please consume within two to three weeks of opening as the jams do not contain preservatives and are, well, fresh!


Kiwi, sugar, vanilla bean paste, crushed red pepper.

Vegan. No pectin. No preservatives.

Contains 6g sugar (3g added, 3g natural) per 1 tbsp. serving.

Refrigerate after opening.

Size: 9 oz.