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Companies that love our jam


  • "The next time you find yourself looking for a jar of jam that really deserves that coveted spot in your refrigerator, look no further than Trade Street Jam Co. Trust me — you’ll never need another jam brand again!"

    Michelle Baricevic
    Food Network

  • "Trade Street Jam Co.'s Smoked Yellow Peach Jam tastes like peak-season peaches at a summer cookout—downwind of the barbecue, bathed in sunshine, still warm and ready to burst."

    Aliza Abarbanel
    Bon Appetit

  • "I’ve been loving this Plum + Rose Jam mixed with bourbon and a little soda water. It’s low in sugar (5 grams) and has a light body, so it mixes really well."

    Meghan Splawn
    The Kitchn

  • "If your experience with jam begins and ends with a jar of regular, shmegular, degular grape and strawberry flavors slathered on toast, then you’ve been bamboozled."

    Marquita K. Harris

  • "From Chipotle Bourbon Glazed Brisket and Maple Glazed Pork Chops to Smoked Peach Cobbler and fruit-infused cocktails, there's nothing this jam can't do. This Black-owned business has transformed me into a lifetime lover of jams and one bite of these dishes will have you hooked, too."

    Taylor Honore