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Brisket Sliders

Brisket Sliders

Brisket Sliders

A TSJC Father's Day cookout pick!

Image by Taste


1 lb. brisket, cooked + shredded
12 ea. Hawaiian rolls
1 c. caramelized onions
1 c. shredded cheese
1/2 jar Smoked Yellow Peach Jam


1. Cook your brisket to your liking. You can grill, smoke or slow cook in the oven. You can also buy cooked brisket - we never judge!

2. Caramelize your onions over low heat in a wide saucepan for ~45 minutes (it's a labor of love). These can keep for up to a week in the refrigerator.

3. Gently toast your Hawaiian rolls on a griddle or right on the grill.

4. Assemble your sliders. Smear a good amount of Peach Jam on each half. Pile on some brisket, and top with cheese while hot so that it begins to melt. Add on the onions.

5. Serve sandwiches on a large platter for everyone to enjoy!


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