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Greek Yogurt Blackberry Popsicles

June 29, 2021

Greek Yogurt Blackberry Popsicles

Greek Yogurt Blackberry Popsicles

Delicious, creamy and fruity! These popsicles are the perfect frozen treat that's higher in protein and packed with fruit. The best past: They only take three ingredients to make!

Image + recipe by Elise Shivamber (@elisetriestocook)

Makes 6

1 1/2 cups full fat or 5% fat Greek yogurt
2 tbsp. Blackberry Mulled Merlot Jam
1/2 cup fresh blackberries

1. Mix all ingredients into a bowl with pouring capabilities, like a large measuring cup.

2. Pour mixture to fill popsicle molds only halfway. Add two fresh blackberries and push them into mixture.

3. Fill with remaining popsicle mixture. Leave a few centimeters from top to not overflow.

4. Add wooden popsicle stick to all molds.

5. Place in freezer for 4-8 hours, until fully frozen.

6. When fully frozen, remove frozen popsicle from the mold (run under cold water for 30-60 seconds and then jiggle wooden popsicle stick).