Whiskey Family Smash

May 26, 2020

Whiskey Family Smash

whiskey family smash 

Blueberries and bourbon are a match made in heaven in this simple-but-oh-so-craft gem of a cocktail.

Makes 1 drink


1.5 oz. Uncle Nearest Whiskey

.75 oz. lime juice, fresh

1 oz. pineapple cordial

.25 oz. Campari

1 tbsp. Blueberry Lemon Basil Jam

1 ea. fresh or dried lemon slice, to garnish


Add all ingredients (except for lemon) in a cocktail shaker. Fill with ice and shake until cold. Fill a rocks glass with 1-2 large ice cubes (to slow the melting process). Pour drink into glass and garnish with lemon.