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invest in trade street and the best jam you know

invest in trade street and the best jam you know

The time has come to invest in Trade Street and we need your support! We know you've been rocking with us for a while now, so we need you to, well, put your money where your mouth is. Check out the skinny below.

What is equity crowdfunding?

Wefunder helps people invest as little as $100 in the startups they love. You can think of them like “Kickstarter for investing”. Unlike Kickstarter, you are not buying a product or donating to an artist. Instead, you are investing in a business with the hope of earning a return on your investment. You decide if we're worthy of funding. If we do well, you may make money.  If we don't, you can potentially lose all your money. Either way, you join a community of other investors who seek to help us succeed. You'll also get some neat perks from us, too.

Why are you crowdfunding?

2022 has been a tough year! From supply chain issues to inflation on the cost of raw materials, we could use a little help getting us to the next step. Money will go towards raw materials, customer acquisition & hiring.

How has it been going so far?

Thanks to you, Trade Street has raised over $60,000 to date! But, we still need your help in reaching our goal of $250,000.

How much do I have to invest?

You can invest as little as $100. But, the more you invest, the better the perks.

Is there a deadline to invest?

There is no deadline to invest as the campaign will be open until we reach our goal--but we're hoping to do so by December 31st. There is also a benefit in investing early--you get a discount on your investment (meaning, you're coming in at a lower valuation of $4.5M vs $5.5M)

What does valuation mean?

Business valuation is a process and a set of procedures used to estimate the economic value of an owner's interest in a business. We currently have a $5.5M valuation based on our 2021 angel investment fundraising round of $600,000.

Why do I need to enter my SSN?

When making an investment on Wefunder, you need to provide a tax ID in order to invest. Tax ID generally means an SSN for an individual and an EIN for a company. Wefunder requires these because when Trade Street makes a distribution to investors (for example, if we get acquired), Wefunder will need to provide tax documents to you such as a Form K-1, which require them to include your SSN. I know you might be hesitant to provide this information, but Wefunder guards your SSN like their life depends on it.

When will I see a return on my investment?

Our convertible note will convert your investment to stock if the company raises a priced round from major investors, goes public or gets acquired. At that point, you are a shareholder owning equity, and you earn a return if the value of that stock goes up over time.

How do I sign up?

Ready to invest? Click here. Still have questions? Check out our profile and investor Q&A's.


    Looking forward to your help in growing Trade Street into the $100M company we have the potential to be!

    Ashley and everyone at Trade Street HQ


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